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Concrete Overlay and Staining Services

Transform Your Home or Business With Beautiful Decorative Concrete Overlays!

At Hard Architectural Finishes our goal is to provide superior quality decorative concrete overlays to all residential and commercial properties. We specialize in wood plank overlays, smooth overlays, microtopping overlays and concrete staining that bring out the best in any outdoor space. Decorative overlays can be as bold or nuanced as you would like and are fully customizable.

Whether you’re looking to transform a dull grey driveway into something special or complete a major overhaul of your business entranceway – we are here to help! Our concrete overlays can be applied over dull surfaces, new construction, existing concrete and more. With fully custom designed concrete overlays we can offer looks that include:

Artisanal Wood Plank Overlays

Flagstone Overlays

Brick Looking Concrete Overlay

Paver Looking Concrete Overlay

Brick or Paver Overlays

Smooth Concrete Surface


Endless Stained Concrete Options

Discover the Endless Possibilities and Benefits of Decorative Concrete Overlays with HAF Concrete!

Our experienced professionals have extensive experience with driveways, loading docks, pool decks, patios, lanais,parking areas and more. We strive to provide long lasting results that enhance the appearance of your commercial or residential space. Decorative overlays and stained concrete are a fantastic solution to concrete that needs a new look. Some of the benefits in choosing concrete overlays include:

    Low Maintenance
    Decorative concrete surfaces require significantly less maintenance than other traditional outdoor surfaces such as wood or asphalt.

    Decorative concrete is highly durable and can withstand all types of weather conditions.

    Decorative concrete can be applied in almost any area and can be customized to your specific needs and design ideas.

    We understand that no two projects are the same – that’s why we work with you from start to finish to customize our services to your specific needs. Whether you need a complete overhaul or just a touch up, our team will take the time to listen and make sure all your expectations are met. We also offer competitive rates so that you can get superior craftsmanship and exceptional customer service at an affordable price.

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    Some of our Concrete Stain Color Options