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Flake Flooring Installation Service

Boost Your Home Garage, Warehouse or Commercial Space with the Best Flake Flooring Systems in the Industry!

Epoxy flake flooring systems are an innovative way to transform a dull, drab industrial space into a vibrant, aesthetically pleasing area that serves function and purpose. With its wide variety of color and texture options, epoxy flake flooring systems create durable, eye-catching floors with superior performance for a flooring system that will last for many years to come.

Our highly durable epoxy flake flooring systems are designed to suit any aesthetic preference or technical requirement. We service both residential and commercial areas with flake flooring systems that are designed to bear vehicular weight, hold up to heavy traffic and increase the lifespan of your floors with protective coatings. Some of the many places we have installed epoxy flooring systems include:

Residential Garages

Porches, Patios and Lanais

Home Gyms

Automotive Showrooms

Marine Showrooms

Automotive Mechanic Shops


Body Shops

Car Detailing Businesses

Ceramic Coating Companies

Our flooring systems are a smart choice for residential and commercial garages due to the exceptional resistance against damage from automotive fluids and other chemicals associated with vehicle maintenance. Not only do our systems rank high in chemical resistance, they are super easy to maintain and keep clean!

For residential garages, our epoxy flake flooring systems are a great choice for a protective coating that will modernize your space and create a luxury feel. Our epoxy flake flooring systems are also a great choice for commercial garages and warehouses, offering superior durability and protection from the wear and tear of frequent traffic.

For businesses, Hard Architectural Finishes’ epoxy flake flooring systems can help to create a professional look while ensuring superior performance. These floors are easy to clean and maintain, provide slip-resistance, resist staining or damage from chemicals or oils, and create an impressive aesthetic in the workplace.

Customized Flake Flooring Systems to Protect and Enhance Your Concrete!

We have a wide range of colors and flake options to offer customers seeking a flake flooring system. From the traditional flake broadcast, to glitter flake, aand even wood – we have the product available to custom design the flake floor of your choice. Some of our flake textures and styles include:

  • Classic Vinyl Blended Flake Systems
  • Crystal Flake Glitter
  • Fluorescent Flakes
  • Stone Flakes
  • Wood Chip Flakes
  • Mica Accent Flakes

HAF Concrete utilizes the best products available in the industry to get you the preferred look you want, while offering the benefit of extremely strong and durable coatings that last. Our high performance epoxies, polyaspartics and top-coats are specifically designed to protect your floors from all types of diverse chemicals and elements. We utilize products that offer:


  • Non-Yellowing
  • Non-Blushing
  • Slip Resistant
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Weather Durable

Hard Architectural Finishes Delivers Unmatched Service for Your New Flake Flooring System!

From epoxies and polyaspartics that we flake to offer maximum concrete protections to the type of sealers we utilize as top-coats, whether urethane or aspartic – you can rest assured that our professional installers will deliver fantastic results when it comes to flake flooring systems.

At Hard Architectural Finishes we strive to offer our customers the best possible experience with our epoxy flake flooring systems. With years of industry experience, we specialize in delivering top-quality products that meet any technical requirement or design preference.

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Some of our Standared Floor Flake Color Blends