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Pool Deck and Patio Resurfacing Service

Create Your Very Own Custom Paradise with Our Pool Deck Resurfacing Services!

Our team at Hard Architectural Finishes offers a variety of options for pool decks that will help turn your existing pool deck into a customized oasis. Pool decks come in all shapes and sizes, so picking out the right one can be tricky, which is why we provide a full range of decorative concrete solutions for Florida pool decks that are in need of resurfacing. Whether you are seeking out a classic design option like flagstone or want to go bold with bright colors – our team will find the perfect solution to upgrade your backyard paradise.

Choose a Pool Deck Resurfacing Option that is Right For You!

Slip Resistance

Pool decks with slip-resistant surfaces will help reduce accidents in your swimming area.

Aesthetic Design

Pool decks can be customized with various textures, colors and patterns, allowing you to create a unique and stylish look for your backyard.


Decorative concrete pool deck resurfacing techniques are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, water, etc

Weather Proof

Florida is known for unpredictable weather. Our decorative concrete options for pool deck resurfacing are selected to withstand.

UV Stable

The surface of your pool deck may get a ton of direct or indirect sunlight. We choose products that are fade-resistant, blush resistant and hold up to the UV rays of the sun.

Create A Pool Paradise with Our Decorative Concrete Pool Deck Resurfacing Solutions.

If you dream it, we can design it. Our team loves to work with all types of design options and we specialize in many pool deck resurfacing applications that range from bold to modern to traditional. Some of our pool deck resurfacing systems include:

    Knockdown Finishes – Knockdown pool decks are textured with a trowel and then sealed with an acrylic sealer, making them slip-resistant and easy to maintain.

    Decorative Concrete Overlays – Overlays provide a more customized look by offering diverse patterns and textures. Some of these design style include:

    • Wood Plank Pool Deck
    • Flagstone Pool Deck Resurfacing
    • Brick Paver Concrete Design
    • Smooth Modern Finishes
    • Stamped Overlays in Numerous Patterns

    Tinted Acrylic Sealer – This type of sealer is applied to help protect the surface from water, stains and UV rays while adding a subtle yet stylish color to the space. Plus, the tinted acrylic sealer can be used on both existing and newly constructed surfaces, making it the perfect choice for pool decks of all types.

    Stained and Sealed Concrete – This process involves applying an acid-based stain to the concrete, followed by an acrylic sealer to protect the surface from fading due to UV rays and other elements. The end result is a beautiful, vibrant color that enhances the aesthetics of your outdoor oasis while being slip-resistant and easy to clean.

    Epoxy Flake Coating – A combination of epoxy resin and decorative flakes creates a slip-resistant surface that is both attractive and long-lasting. Additionally, the wide variety of colors available allows you to customize your pool deck with any design or pattern that you can imagine.

    Double Broadcast Quartz Coatings – This  sand-like aggregate is applied in two layers and provides a slip-resistant surface with increased durability and strength compared to other materials. The double broadcast quartz layer also adds visual interest to the finish, creating a unique look for the area surrounding your pool deck.

    Decorative Concrete Finishes are a Great Option for Resurfacing Your Pool Deck!

    Decorative concrete pool deck resurfacing solutions are a great alternative to traditional pavers and other pool deck options like tile, stone or travertine. Our decorative concrete finishes offer superior strength and durability, making them ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic. Furthermore, they provide greater design flexibility, allowing you to incorporate multiple colors and patterns into the pool deck surface.  When compared to pavers, stone, travertine, tiles or other pool deck surface options – Decorative Concrete stands above the rest!

    Our experienced team will help guide you through the process so that your outdoor oasis is the paradise you have always dreamed of.

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